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1999 Dodge Durango

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Joined: Jun 22, 2011
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(Msg. 1) Posted: Thu Aug 04, 2011 5:50 am
Post subject: 1999 Dodge Durango

http://Toyota.autoboardz.com/1999-dodge-durango-brake-ABS-light-ftopict202234.html (1999 dodge durango brake and ABS light)
I have a 1999 4 wheel drive Dodge Durango and the ABS and brake light both came on, i replaced the rear ABS sensor hoping this would get the lights to come out yet nothing happened. Does anyone have any idea what might need to be done now? The brakes work just fine but the darn lights would come..
My Brake and ABS lights come on in my 92' Ram. It was the speed sensor on the rear axle. wrote:
The speed sensor is the most common cause. I had knocked the brake light switch loose which caused the same fault as well as causing the cruise control to stop working. Both items are relatively..

http://Toyota.autoboardz.com/Durango-headlights-randomly-ftopict202862.html (Durango headlights randomly go out)
1999 Dodge Durango. We live way out in the middle of nowhere, and frequently in winter have to turn our high beams on. Sometimes, when turning the high beams on or off, the headlights will go out all together. We have to turn flipping them on and off a few times and then they correct themselves. W..
Heat opening a circuit somewhere.
Any idea how to find out where? Smile Might replacing the headlights do it? The bulbs get pretty hot, that could cause a problem although in theory it shouldn't.
I would guess a worn multi-function switch (that's the switch in the steering column that handles the turn signals, high beams, wipers, etc.)
I agree, if it only happens on switch activation it's likely a balky switch rather than a heat load tripping.

http://Toyota.autoboardz.com/1999-Dodge-Durango-ftopict207085.html (1999 Dodge Durango)
I have heat at Idol and I have heat at 2000 rpm..But when I drive the car I have no heat at all...What could be the problem I have tried everything From flushing the radiator to changing the thermometer.
Did you mean thermostat? Otherwise, air trapped in the cooling system, perhaps?
Just drive the car at a constant 2000 rpm, using your gears as necessary for speed control. -- "Ubuntu" -- an African word, meaning "Slackware is too hard for me".
Possibly stopped up heater core. what do the hoses going into the firewall feel like and the other coming out feel like Glenn
Sounds like you have a valve hung open. If you've changed the thermostat, I'd check for a bad heater control valve.

http://Toyota.autoboardz.com/1999-dodge-durango-hub-bearing-replacement-ftopict223487.html (1999 dodge durango hub bearing replacement)
recently while driving i started having a loud growl from from drivers side - from experience i knew it was the wheel bearing-a trip to autozone -got hub bearing assembly with abs sensor for about $190 bucks.borrowed the axle nut tool-neat deal-no need to buy specialty tools all the time- axle nu..

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Joined: Jul 18, 2011
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(Msg. 2) Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2011 11:48 pm
Post subject: Re: 1999 Dodge Durango [Login to view extended thread Info.]

My 99 <a href=http://www.sanantoniododgechryslerjeepram.com/used-inventory/index.htm?reset=InventoryListing> Durango </a> went thru two transmissions. I'm curious if anyone out there knows if that is normal, or if my refusal to come to a complete stop and love of shifting on the column myself could be a problem.

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Joined: Jul 18, 2011
Posts: 103

Location: Elkhart Lake, WI

(Msg. 3) Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2012 3:12 pm
Post subject: Re: 1999 Dodge Durango [Login to view extended thread Info.]

I've got great news, my http://www.sanantoniododgechryslerjeepram.com (Durango ) has officially gone thru its 3rd transmission and is on its way out!!!
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