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Dodge Dakota Problems

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Joined: Jun 22, 2011
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(Msg. 1) Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 6:46 am
Post subject: Dodge Dakota Problems

http://Dodge.autoboardz.com/Dodge-Dakota-Help-ftopict220245.html (Dodge Dakota... Please Help!!)
Can sombody please tell me where the low pressure valve for the ac compressor is located on a 1997 dodge dakota with a 5.2L V8 motor, or if it is not known, how can i tell which one it is???... i'm ..

http://Dodge.autoboardz.com/convert-Dakota-ftopict233934.html (How do I convert my Dakota)
Greetings, I'm new to this group. I am trying to find the necessary parts and/or procedure to convert my 02 Dakota 4 x 4 with a 4.7 V8 to burn E85 or other flex fuels. Any help would be an improve..
R: The only question would be why, unless you lived outside a corn silo and could get the ethanol free. Otherwise it is a dumb, money los..

http://Dodge.autoboardz.com/2004-dakota-code-P0157-ftopict206142.html (2004 dakota with code P0157)
Code P0157 shows up. Know it stands for HO2S Circuit Low Voltage Bank 2 Sensor 2 . Anybody know what that means?
Oxygen sensor input voltage maintained below normal operating range. Possible bad sensor..connection or contamination "Jerry":
Sensor 2 Bank 2 is the left rear oxygen sensor. It problably is bad and needs to be replaced before your next inspection. The rear oxyge..
"Bonecrkr": author/report abuse You don't need the tool, cut the wire off the old sensor which will now allow a box 7/8 wrench to remove..

http://Dodge.autoboardz.com/Water-Pump-Replacement-98-Dakota-2L-ftopict207887.html (Water Pump Replacement - 98 Dakota 5.2L)
I am about to replace the water pump in my 98 Dakota, 90k miles, 5.2L. I bought a new OEM pump and gasket, upper and lower hoses, thermostat and gasket, upper bypass hose, and the metal pipe and ..
"Abby Normal": into on to Thermostat housing 15ft pds/water pump bolts 30 ft pds. Now would be a good time to replace the timing chain and..
I didn't think of that. 90K is high. I have it all tore down and the dealer parts shop is closed. Besides, I'd much rather have the sh..
"Abby Normal": manual manual. I before housing 90k isn't nothing, you have a long way to go when the chain needs replacing. Glad I could h..

http://Dodge.autoboardz.com/protect-99-dakota-rear-window-ftopict156337.html (How do i protect my 99 dakota rear window...)
i load it up with atv's alot and its been broken once, and it cost me almost $500 to get it replaced, and i would like to prevent this to ever happen again, i now have 6 tow straps insead of 4 but ..
"wood": Pay the extra 5 bucks a month for glass coverage on your insurance. If it breaks, "0" deductible
"wood": Replace with lexan?
maxpower: This is SIMPLE, find some scrap leftover carpet underlayment, Stuff a roll or 2 of this stuff between the atv and the glass, ..

http://Dodge.autoboardz.com/2004-Dakota-Quad-Cab-power-locks-ftopict248028.html (2004 Dakota Quad Cab power locks)
My power locks on the passenger side door and both rear doors will not lock. The drivers side lock works. The switches on both doors will lock and unlock the drivers side door. The other doors will ..

http://Dodge.autoboardz.com/96-dodge-dakota-reverse-ftopict200311.html (96 dodge dakota no reverse)
My so pulled out of the school parking lot just fine, got home, and had no reverse. All other gears appear to work fine. No indication of something going wrong just all of the sudden. I know Ford..
My last three Dodge vans all lost reverse. And oddly enough lost third gear at the same time. All needed to go to the transmission shop fo..
"pastor3025": Sudden loss of Reverse with all other gears working fine is usually a malfunction in the rear band or servo. Place the shif..
Thanks for the help. We are going out to check the 2st gear now. We were planning on pulling the pan tomorrow and changing the filter an..

http://Dodge.autoboardz.com/99-Dodge-Ram-4x2-46RE-Transmission-help-ftopict248340.html (99 Dodge Ram 4x2 46RE Transmission help)
99 Dodge Pickup. Just did a complete trans rebuild with new torque converter. (Reverse went out) After completion, the tran would shift from first to second then back into first. I replaced the spee..

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Dodge Dakota... Please Help!! - Can sombody please tell me where the low pressure valve for the ac compressor is located on a 1997 dodge dakota with a 5.2L V8 motor, or if it is not known, how can i tell which one it is???... i'm very greatfull of any responses i recieve.

Pre owned : 2003 Dodge Dakota Short Bed - Pre owned : 2003 Dodge Dakota Short Bed Engine: V6 3.9 Liter Trans.: Automatic Color: White Mileage: 38,139 VIN: 1D7FL16X13S153710 Stock #: 80513 "Excellent gas mileage! A/C is ice cold!" Have a Great Experience at..

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96' dodge neon problems - Hi, I have a problem with my 1996 dodge neon. my car doesn't want to start but if i give it some gass it will. also when i get it up to 60 it starts sputtering, backfiring and julting, and some times it shuts off when i slow down or stop. i had it looked...
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